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 About Reef House

We all need to find time and space for a bit more creativity in our lives.    

Here at Reef House, we can help. Set up in 2021 by me, Rachael Janes, Reef House Make & Do is based in my home in Blakeney on the North Norfolk coast. 


It's a place for you to dedicate time to being creative and developing expertise through our art workshops, craft classes and cookery courses. In term time, we run a rolling programme of creative and inspiring workshops and short courses in a small and relaxed setting.


Whether you want to learn new skills, practice old ones or just enjoy a relaxed day out, we do it all


Are you a crafter, maker or art teacher based in Norfolk or nearby?

We also offer the space for you to run your own workshop! If you are interested in running a workshop or course at Reef House then contact me here:


Meet Rachael

Hello! I am Rachael Janes. 

I have always been a maker: I get it from my mum who was an art teacher and was forever making things: food; costumes; clothes; knitting; embroidery.... the list was endless.   Inevitably, that urge to make rubbed off and I have been crafting ever since!

Over the years I have dabbled in all sorts of making. I absolutely love to cook and like nothing better than feeding a houseful. When the weather starts to get cold in Autumn, you will find me making 'stores', cooking up vast pans of chutneys and pickles.

Since moving to Norfolk I have really become quite obsessed with indigo. The more I do it the more I realise I am  utterly in love with the beautiful natural blues that I can create and the hunt for more and more patterns and designs. There is so much to learn with natural dyes and I am loving this journey of discovery. 

Reef House Make & Do is my new venture and I am so excited to be able to combine my experience in teaching with all things art, craft and food! Hopefully, it'll get you excited about making too. 

 I hope to see you soon and do some making together.


Get inspired! 
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