All About Reef House

We all need to find time and space for a bit more creativity in our lives.

Here at Reef House, we can help. Not only do we run a rolling programme of creative workshops and courses in a small and relaxed setting but we also offer the space for you to run your own workshops too.

Whether you want to learn new skills, practice old ones or teach old dogs new tricks, come and join me round the huge table for some fun.


If you are interested in running a workshop or course at Reef House then contact me here:


All About me

Hello! I am Rachael Janes.


I have always been a maker: I get it from my mum who was an art teacher and was forever making things: food; costumes; clothes; knitting; embroidery.... the list was endless.  I have such fond memories of going to a fancy dress party dressed as a giant Oxo cube and choosing fabrics for clothes that she made. Inevitably, that urge to make rubbed off. 

Over the years I have dabbled in  all sorts of making from silver smithing and pottery to card making and knitting.  I absolutely love to cook and like nothing better than feeding a houseful (hence my excitement when I first saw the table!) When the weather starts to get cold in Autumn you will find me making 'stores' cooking up vast pans of chutneys and pickles.  Like my mum, I have made countless fancy dress costumes and   Christmas makes for my boys.

Since moving to Norfolk I have really become quite obsessed with indigo. Initially, I was mesmerised by the magic that literally happens before your eyes when you take a garment out of the vat. However, the more I do it the more I realise I am also utterly in love with the beautiful natural blues that I can create and the hunt for more and more patterns and designs. There is so much to learn with natural dyes and I am loving this journey of discovery. 

Reef House Make & Do is my new venture and I so am excited to be able to combine my love of teaching with all things crafty and to hopefully get you excited about making too. 

 I hope to see you soon and do some making together.